Our UNESCO Biosphere is proudly focused on its communities: if you live or work in the region then the Biosphere belongs to you!

People are the most critical part of what makes a Biosphere thrive.  As an organisation we are committed to facilitating lifelong learning, creating local connections, and promoting activity and exploration outdoors.

One of our goals is to raise awareness of sustainability – finding a balanced relationship between people, planet and profit. Tangible benefits follow if equal attention is paid to all three.

Our Proud Supporter scheme was launched as a way for people to get involved with the Biosphere and to signal their support for sustainability.  It is a charter of six principles which reflect our shared journey towards Global Goals.  There is no cost involved, and you do not have to live within the Biosphere to be a Proud Supporter!  Membership of the scheme is currently around 400 individuals, businesses, organisations and community groups across the Biosphere and beyond – a growing network of people with shared values.

For businesses and communities there are further opportunities to become more sustainable and build stronger connections across the region, through our Biosphere Communities and Biosphere Certification Mark schemes.  We are a certified Carbon Literate organisation and our Biosphere Footsteps programme is bringing climate awareness into communities and schools, by discussing how together we can reduce carbon emissions and waste.

We are committed to helping people to discover more about the Biosphere’s unique natural and cultural heritage through partnership projects such as Coalfield Communities and the PLACE in the Biosphere Project.

We also share opportunities to get involved with projects, events and opportunities across our region.  Check our News page to find out what’s going on locally and where Team GSAB is currently involved.  And follow us on social media to keep up to date with Biosphere life!