Partnership Working

The UNESCO Biosphere ethos is to “involve local communities and all interested stakeholders in planning and management.” (

The GSA Biosphere Partnership is unique in bringing together public, private, third sector and community representatives to steer our programme. This mix of interests gives us a better understanding of the challenges and the opportunities in the UNESCO region.

We look for opportunities where we can help facilitate the delivery of new initiatives that support the conservation, learning and sustainable development goals which are shared by UNESCO Biospheres worldwide. The cooperation and collaboration in our partnerships help generate positive outcomes for people and nature, and the experiences of our ‘Biosphere in action’ can be shared as part of a global knowledge-exchange.

One of our key partnerships is with the Galloway National Park Association, with whom the GSA Biosphere Partnership submitted a joint bid for a Galloway National Park in February 2024. Our shared goal is renewed investment in the region, with a vision for a progressive National Park model that will embrace the UNESCO Biosphere ethos and build on more than a decade of collaborative work. Read more about the Galloway National Park bid here.

Logos from just some of our partners, past and present, are shown below.