SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – Carsphairn Community Woodland

In 2021 Carsphairn Community Woodland (CCW) took ownership of 120 acres of the Muirdrochwood Forest to provide the local community with a greater outdoor space for recreational purposes, help regenerate the community and to diversify the woodlands for wildlife. CCW soon gained funding to build a forestry shed, equip with forestry machinery, drill a borehole for water supply, and install solar panels and a generator, allowing for the establishment of a sustainable woodfuel and sawn log enterprise. As well as supplying wood products to the local community, the enterprise has created two and a half jobs, a Forest Supervisor and Pre-Apprentices and a part-time Development Officer. An extension to the shed will house meeting rooms, office and toilets to enable a full programme of rural skills training to be implemented. The woodfuel and sawn log enterprise developed by CCW showcases the potential to create sustainable employment opportunities through the creation of innovative ideas that use local resources, taking an eco-conscious approach and helping to contribute to meeting the UN’S SDG 9 – ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’. 

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