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Start telling your Green Story with the help of our online resources. We are pleased to share a selection of photos and videos that can help you illustrate the unique environments of our UNESCO Biosphere and why it is so important that they are safeguarded for generations to come. There is also plenty about people and enterprise and how a collaborative regional network can provide mutual support to green enterprise. You can also delve into our Sense of Place Toolkit, a guide to connecting more deeply with community, heritage and landscapes.

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Business Development Support

Among the Biosphere’s partners, the agencies listed below provide business development support for all sizes of business across a multitude of sectors.

One of our funding partners, SoSE is a great champion of the Biosphere as it is for business across the region. They support sustainable enterprise with advice, funding, and networking, and work with businesses at any stage of development; they are also very aware of specific challenges in rural areas.

Initiatives, opportunities and funding are available from the Scottish Government as it develops its programme of support for the Green Recovery and to help businesses achieve Net Zero goals.

Advice and support on business (and domestic) energy and transport, including how to reduce costs, switch to renewables and increase the efficiency of your premises.

Help To Go Green

Information about carbon emissions and net zero can be quite overwhelming and it lightens the load to have some guidance on what it all means.

Biosphere staff have all tried the Giki Zero app as individuals and we’ve signed up as an organisation to track where we can reduce our carbon footprint. It’s light touch and user friendly – the best of those we’ve tested so far.

our team has undertaken carbon literacy training via The Carbon Literacy Project, which aims to widen understanding of carbon emissions, carbon reduction, net zero, etc, and to help people understand the issues involved. Carbon literacy training is also available to individuals.

Further reading

The Global Goals – Learn more about the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals and find digital resources to share on your own platforms.

What is a UNESCO Biosphere? – more information from

Zero Waste Scotland – Information, guidance and advice on reducing waste and carbon emissions.

Tourism Force For Good – More from VisitScotland about the positive impacts of sustainable tourism.

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