Building Opportunity in the Biosphere

Building Opportunity in the Biosphere was a two year project that ran from April 2011 to March 2013. The period covered the run up to achieving UNESCO Biosphere status in July 2012. The Project aimed to bring practical meaning and tangible action to South West Scotland’s proposed Biosphere status by employing two Biosphere project officers.

The Project was run by the Southern Uplands Partnership on behalf of the Biosphere Partnership and had three discrete but interrelated components that were related to establishing a Biosphere in South West Scotland:

– Support and develop processes and projects aimed at building awareness and understanding of
natural values associated with the Biosphere. To support a small project fund managed by the Project
staff and used to support small Biosphere projects. The mechanism of managing this fund had to be
finalised with LEADER staff and all decisions on its use were approved by LEADER and representatives of the Biosphere Partnership Board.

– Support the identification of assets and realisation of strategic opportunities deriving from an
image of high environmental quality and sustainable development associated with the Biosphere.

– Pro-actively engage with communities, business, schools and other organisations to bring
forward projects which support the environmental, economic, cultural, educational and sustainable
development aims of the Biosphere

A copy of the full project report can be downloaded here