Newsletter – Sept 2015

Welcome to the 1st Autumn 2015 edition of Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere news!
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What a wonderful world

Our Biosphere is a wonderful part of Scotland and we share this place with some wonderful wildlife. But have you appreciated the great variety of plant and animal life out there? The different ferns and flowers, the mosses, liverworts and lichens, the different moths, beetles and flies to name just a few. Does it matter to you whether they are there or not? Would it surprise you that your very existence is tied up with these seemingly insignificant co-habitants of the Biosphere?

Biodiversity is about the variety of life on earth. That is all living organisms, their variation from place to place and the ecosystems that they are part of. The state of biodiversity is important everywhere in both unmanaged and managed ecosystems. Our farmland and forests have biodiversity that is crucial to their continued ability to give us food and timber.

Biodiversity is important to every one of us because living things interacting with soil, water and rocks lies at the heart of ecosystems. And ecosystems provide us with life supporting services like food, fibre, clean water, clean air, climate regulation, recreation and spiritual enrichment to name a few.

In the last 50 years the loss of biodiversity has been dramatic. Because of habitat change, pollution especially from excessive nutrients, introduction of invasive non native species and overexploitation of natural resources by humans, extinctions are happening 100 times faster than the natural rate through evolution .
What can we do. The world community agreed at Aitchi in 2010 to slow and where possible halt the loss of biodiversity and to restore 15% of degraded habitats. That is translated in Scotland in the recently published Scotland’s Biodiversity a Route Map to 2020.

Here in the Biosphere we have set out a first description of our local biodiversity in a “Natural Heritage of the Biosphere” report that can be downloaded  from the web site.  And we are currently working on a habitat and species action plan that will  prioritise how we respond to those 2020 challenges. A healthy biodiversity in the Biosphere means continued or enhanced life support services to all of us .

Chris Miles
Area Manager Southern Scotland
Scottish Natural Heritage

Sanctuary 2015

Running from noon 26th to noon 27th September this site-specific public art laboratory and experimental space it will feature the dark outside radio broadcast, interactive artworks / installations, performances and walks - find out more here

At 4pm and 9pm you are invited to take part in SUMA - a sound walk combining radio transmission, singing and the sounds of the forest. Located north of Newton Stewart in the centre of the Biosphere and Dark Sky Park join us in an adventure with the artworks, the landscape and the people. Remember to bring a radio and a torch!

Adventure Centre for Education

One of latest Biosphere Charter sign ups is Adventure Centre for Education. Since 2005 ACE have been providing adventure activities across South Ayrshire and specialize in harnessing the power and energy of adventure sports for those seeking a new experience on sea, river or land.

Based in Girvan ACE offer tailored outdoor adventure activities for all abilities that are compatible with good ecological practice while allowing the exploration of the environment and observing wildlife amid the stunning South West Scotland scenery.

Dark Sky Rangers

A fundamental aspect of the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park is the potential to bring tourism to the area in the quieter autumn and winter months. For this reason four Biosphere Dark Sky Rangers have been trained to communicate about the wonders of the night sky and the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere.

The self-employed Biosphere Dark Sky Rangers have a variety of skills and specialisms and present opportunities to private sector businesses such as hotels, B&B’s and campsites to run events and tailor make experiences for their customers - find out more here.

Gatehouse Primary School

The first Primary School to sign the Biosphere Charter and become Proud Supporters of the Biosphere. The pupils from Gatehouse have shown their enthusiasm for caring for the environment by removing every piece of litter from Carrick Beach. The beach looked clean before they started but whole school managed to pick up and record hundreds of tiny pieces of plastic, string and cotton bud sticks. Timed to coincide with the Marine Conservation Society's Beach Watch weekend the results of their beach clean will be submitted as part of a national survey.
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