“Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere is a first for Scotland to demonstrate our passion for living in a way that benefits people and nature”, Biosphere Vision.

In line with our vision and the goals of – Conservation, Learning and Development; the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere has adopted a Biosphere Charter. The Charter is an opportunity for individuals, schools, communities, businesses and organisations to show they are a “Proud Supporter” of the Biosphere. By agreeing with the six principles of the Charter, Supporters will play a role in improving and promoting the sustainability of the region through increasing awareness and recognition of the Biosphere.

The six principles are to:

  • Help to conserve the natural resources of the Biosphere
  • Support the economy to benefit people and nature
  • Promote cultural heritage and local products
  • Contribute to the health and well-being of the community
  • Develop knowledge, understanding and promote research
  • Raise awareness of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere

Take a look at who is already a Charter Supporter on the map.

G&SABio-CharterLogo-Concepts-v1Why become a Biosphere Proud Supporter…

When signing up to the charter and its six principles it will not only support the vision of the Biosphere, but will bring about a range of benefits for supporters. Not least, the Biosphere is a global brand associated with special places, the best environments and high quality products.  As a recognised supporter, you can associate your business, community or organisation with this global brand.  We hope that the Biosphere brand will itself be recognised as a badge of quality.  The more it is used, the more it will be seen and understood.  As more people acknowledge the importance of the brand, so there will be more interest in sustaining and enhancing the Biosphere, making it even more special.

When you have signed up you get…..


  • A GSABiosphere Charter certificate.
  • ‘Proud Supporter’ window sticker.
  • Information on events, programmes and an e-newsletter.


  • A Biosphere Charter certificate.
  • ‘Proud Supporter’ window sticker.
  • Use of the Biosphere brand on promotional materials and website.
  • An invitation to attend a ‘Learning Journey’ in the Biosphere.
  • Information on events, programmes and regular e-newsletter.
  • Listing on the Biosphere website and hyperlinked to your own website

There is no fee required to become a supporter, however it is hoped that supporters will spread the word about the Biosphere and encourage others to get involved and sign up to the Charter. Your support is essential for the future of the Biosphere. You can download the Biosphere Charter leaflet here.

Application for Biosphere Charter

To become a Biosphere Charter supporter fill in the simple form below (you don’t have to answer all the questions, fill in what you can – but we hope they will help you think about your role in the Biosphere):

The digital form is below. Alternatively you can download, complete and return this application form word document