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For me, yoga is an essential part of my everyday life and continues to teach and inspire me.  It also complements my other passion which is the great outdoors.  Here I find constant reminders of how we are each connected to nature and this is what grounds me.  There may be some non-yogis out there who relate to that statement, not realising that this act of being or trekking outdoors is a form of meditation in itself.  Proving that we don’t need to be sitting cross legged on our mats to experience it!

For me, it’s not only the physical aspect of yoga that I benefit from… I have learned to listen to my body intuitively and through reflection have found an inner balance and stability that I draw upon to help cope with everyday challenges!  Best of all, I haven’t had to make drastic changes to my life in order to benefit! That’s what I love about yoga and that we all, no matter what level we’re at, have the tools to tap into this.

I am honoured to have been instrumental in creating what I believe is now an established and thriving yoga community in this lovely part of Ayrshire and I am keen to nurture this whilst working alongside and continuing to support other businesses in the area.

I run yoga classes, workshops and retreats, incorporating the outdoor environment wherever I can to assist others on their own yoga adventure.

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Samantha Briggs, Yoga Instructor