Watson Birds


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Phone: 07803595267

Watson Birds aims to inspire, enthuse and engage local communities and visitors of all ages and abilities to participate in nature and arts activities and to encourage economic development by linking birds, landscape, arts and community stimulated by the work of former residents and bird experts Donald Watson and his son Jeff. To date we have: awarded annually for 6 years the Watson Raptor Science Prize for the best refereed and published paper on raptor science; held 4 bird festivals in Dalry for the public comprising art exhibition, talks, demonstrations, guided walks; mounted exhibitions and talks; produced leaflets for a walking trail around Dalry and a car trial around The Glenkens to 9 sites where Donald Watson painted. We strongly support the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere and feel our project fits perfectly with the aims and objectives of the Biosphere.

Contact Roger Crofts 07803 595267 roger.dodin@btinternet.com


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