Gatehouse Squirrel Group


Scotland, DG7 2DB, United Kingdom

Phone: 01557814584

Gatehouse Squirrel Group is dedicated to the conservation of the iconic red squirrel, that ever-popular native of our woodlands. Visitors from the central belt and England often make a point of walking in our woodlands specifically to see them, but they are not that easy to spot, except when visiting feeders in people’s gardens! The American grey squirrel has now invaded Galloway from both north and south, and outcompetes the red for food. Some greys carry the squirrelpox virus, which is lethal to reds and can wipe out local populations in just a few weeks. Public awareness events by members of the group celebrate our thriving red populations, and warn of the threat they face. Group members also report all sightings of both species, and conduct more detailed surveys in the woodlands around Fleet Bay and up the Fleet Valley. Whenever possible, trained and registered volunteers undertake control operations, in an effort to keep the greys in check. For further information contact Peter Garson at

Image by Susan Storm