Galloway Red Kite Feeding Station


Laurieston, Scotland, DG7 2PJ, United Kingdom Visit Website... Directions:

Off the B795 road, at Bellymack Hill Farm (300m east of Laurieston village). Address: Bellymack Hill Farm, Laurieston, Castle Douglas

The Galloway Red Kite Trail is an exciting nature watching opportunity to view spectacular red kites in lovely scenery.

The feeding station is only 20 minutes drive from RSPB Scotland’s Ken-Dee Marshes Reserve and the towns of New Galloway and Castle Douglas.  It is around 50 minutes drive from both RSPB Scotland’s Mersehead Reserve and the town of Dumfries.  It is therefore within easy reach of other wildlife attractions and the services provided in these towns.

Red kites have been congregating at Bellymack Hill Farm since 2001 when they were reintroduced to Galloway. This is partly due to the prevailing SW winds which create updrafts from the hillside, enabling kites to ride the air effortlessly over the farm.

The visitor centre provides all-weather, close-viewing of the action, together with more distant views of perched birds against the panoramic Galloway countryside.  A fantastic experience. The centre and feeding station are open from 1 – 4pm daily, in summer (March to October) and 1 – 3pm, in winter.over 100 kites have often been seen together around feeding time (2pm)