Galloway Glens Biosphere Experience Project

One of the latest projects to get underway is the Galloway Glens Biosphere Experience. The project aims to boost tourism in the area by developing a range of packages that allow visitors and locals to connect with the natural, cultural and artistic heritage of the region.

The project is looking to support and assist local businesses or individuals who are able to offer authentic experiences tied in with the themes of our natural resources, landscape and people. This might range from a food and drink theme seeing how local producers work and then following up with a cookery class utilising the product or a weekend of arts and crafts spending times with a variety of artists and enjoying taster sessions of what they do.

The project is being managed by Laura Davidson who brings a marketing background along with a passion for the natural beauty and attractions in the area.

Laura says, “everybody who lives in our region knows how much we have to offer visitors, I hope this project will allow people to get directly involved in a range of activities which showcase our talented people, beautiful landscape and natural resources and open up the Galloway Glens area as a key tourist destination within the south of Scotland.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the project can email Laura directly on or follow the Facebook page