Creative arts: novelists, poets, painters, musicians and sculptors have been inspired by the area which hosts Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere. Artists continue to add to the vibrancy of the area and you can use this information to promote galleries, festivals and events – and help others enjoy the landscape in new ways.

The landscape has become a popular source of inspiration for artists. It has influenced the work of many famous writers and poets who have found inspiration in people, paces and folklore of the area. It’s not a surprise that the Biosphere is a home to a variety of theatres and cinemas.

Explore the Biosphere and get your inspiration from the place of creative landscape arts, both past and present.


  • Rosnes Benches are a series of low seats inspired by ancient rock carvings. They are designed to help you take a fresh look at your surroundings from a different level. Lie down on the bench and connect with your surroundings by experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the Biosphere.
  • Striding Arches an innovative artist-led project which celebrates and interprets the Biosphere uplands. Visit Andy Goldsworthy’s red sandstone arches as they ‘stride’ around a natural amphitheatre created by the hills.


S R Crockett was born in 1859 he grew up on his grandparents’ farm before moving to the busy market town of Castle Douglas. Crockett became a church minister but after the success of his first novel became a full time writer. He produced a series of popular novels frequently inspired by the Galloway landscape that he knew so well.